Stephen D. Williams Skills Inventory
CTO, Senior Consultant / System Architect, Designer, and Developer,
703-724-0118, 703-995-0407 Fax  703-371-9362 Cell
43392 Wayside Circle, Ashburn, VA 20147-4622
March, 2001

Skill Inventory

Mr. Williams brings over 19 years of experience in system analysis design, implementation, user interface and language design and implementation, expert system and neural net areas of AI, large scale control system development, remote management, various open systems communications standards, and Internet security and firewall construction, maintenance, evaluation. In addition, high transaction rate and efficient server architectures have been explored and proven, including high-speed asynchronous database transaction servers.

Unix, Linux skills: have over 17 years of experience with at least 20 versions of Unix, from Version 7, SysV.2, V.3, V.4.2, BSD/SunOS/Ultrix, OSF/1, HPUX, IRIX, and Linux. Installation, administering labs and networks, software development, architecting, lan/wan, dialup/dialout, client/server, DCE/ONC RPC, kernel debugging, device driver debugging and development, and other related activities are numerous. Including the first Internet doorbell.

HTML/WWW experience and skills: Constructed internal web pages for Bank of America, including statistical processing, image maps, forms, etc. Managed firewall, email integration, news, hand-held authentication security, etc. Helped found and initiate two ISP services.

Video capture, compression, management, manipulation, and distribution experience was gained for use in a highly scalable environment for real-time interpersonal use.

Firewalls: Have developed, evaluated, installed, and/or tested Internet gateways and firewalls at GE Aircraft Engines (Installation, development), Mead Data Central (consulting, testing), Bank of America data center (integration, maintenance, automation, testing), and public Internet gateways (whole lifecycle).

PowerBuilder experience was gained in a large client-server setting using Sybase connectivity and local database storage. This includes both GUI, DLL, and remote database access. Additional experience was gained in building an integrated accounting system customized for a small business.

Ongoing Sybase and Oracle development has occurred as part of several larger projects. This involved design, development, interfacing, and installing engines, databases, and client / server programs. A complete and extremely easy to use code generator/database interface was built for Sybase. This included support for internal queuing of database requests and asynchronous spooling of requests on available connections, all maintained automatically for the application developer.

An adept communicator and negotiator, I am equally at ease in many different roles, solving problems as needed. Experience in all major areas of many different types of environments gives a basis for integrated decision making. This includes marketing, usability, design, architecting, engineering, financial models, and even an estimation of legal.


Program Design: 17 years System Design: 12 years
Programming:  18 years Systems Programming: 10 years
Project Management: 10 years Technical Writing: 12 years



16 years(Expert) C++ 11 years
Java 4 years TCL 2 years
PASCAL 4 years Assembly (8086,6502,68k) 8 years
BASIC 7 years M1 (Expert System Shell) 6 months
FORTH 5 years LISP 4 years
Prolog 1 year AWK/SED/etc. 5 years
SQL 9 years Powerbuilder <1 year
Python 5 months Javascript 3 years
HTML 6 years XML 4 years
Perl 7 years Postscript 2 years
SDW (Written Myself, same grammar as Postscript)  1 year


IBMPC/AT/386/486/Compatible 19 years
HP,SGI,Apollo,Sun,Dec Workstations 16 years
IBM MVS 1 year
VAX 785 4 years
NCRTower Unix 5 years
Micro VAX 2 years

Operating Systems

Unix/Linux/etc. 17 years VMS/Stratus/VM 5 years
Windows 2000/98/3.1/95/NT/DOS 19 years Embedded 2 years

Software Systems

Dreamweaver/Fireworks 2 years QT GUI 1 year
Together Control Center 6 mos. IIS/ASP 1 year
Hi speed transaction servers 10 years SQL 9 years
Neuron Data Elements Advisor 1 year XML 4 year
Internet Firewalls, routers, gateways 8 years Sybase 5 years
Amanda Backup 1 year Oracle 5 years
MS SQL Server 1 year Progress 4GL 1 year
X.400/X.500/OSI 2 years Other RDBMS 9 years
SCCS/RCS/CVS 10 years diff -c/patch 10 years
YACC/BISON 5 years LEX/FLEX 4 years
Spreadsheets 13 years LaTeX/NROFF 3 years
Emacs/uEmacs 13 years Motif 2 years
UUCP/RN/USENET/MAILX 6 years TCP/IP/daemons 11 years
NN/nntp/sendmail/BIND/Qmail/Postfix/Imap 10 years X.25 1 year
DCE/ONC/RPC 2 years CORBA 2 year
Lightwave 5.6 (light usage) 2 years VRML 1 year

Work Environments

Online Services Internet Services Provider Banking/Trading
Electronic Publisher Public Access Unix Systems Venture/Virtual Corp.
Software House Corporate Information Serv. Engineering
Research Defense Contractor Accounting
Retail Manufacturing / Embedded Genetic Tracking
Auction Insurance Company Travel/Marketing


Very high speed realtime transaction servers (message passing, async DB/Response, multi-context, remote GUI management)
Snapshot and Video servers, client application and realtime protocol architecture and development.
Very highly scalable, of transactions and bulk, database architecture and design.
Expert Systems (forward/back chaining, NN, NL, Case Based)
Serial, uupc, TCP/IP daemons/routing, X.25, Ethernet, OSI model
Realtime/Machine Control Secure Firewalls
Web Servers/management Payroll
X-Windows processing monitor Statistical Processing
Local Internet Gateway / ISP- Point of Sale
Highly Interactive Data Entry / Manipulation Symbolic Disassembler
Communications/Remote Management Encryption
Language Development Naming services
Email/Directory lookup