Comprehensive project list for Stephen D. Williams. See

This is a comprehensive list of professional projects. There are few details here and there are quite a number of projects that are not represented on my resume.

Projects: (oldest to newest)

Screw Machine SPC bar-chart printing
Computer Store Cash Register System
Personnel management system including payroll
Symbolic disassembler/detokenizer
Encryption Program

SMV-II (Shaped Multi-Vapor II bulb forming machine)
Electronic Subsystem test programming
Intel Bitbus network card driver written for Concurrent PCDOS

MicroVaxII setup/DMA board modifications (nonprogramming)

NCR System 32 server consulting for manufacturer; system setup/programming
Double-Entry accounting system

DSS (Department Store System) subsystem development
NCR Order System subsystem development and testing.
Flex Benefits application (33,000 copies distributed to employees)


SDW language/TUI builder/browser system
Expert System based R&D project for inventory control.
Advanced structured messaging system using multi-tasking on DOS, C++, custom language with web-like form handling.

Communication Management Platform development.
Developer Issue Tracking system.
OO front-end to Oracle for DB development.
Ported GNU C/C++ compilers to NCR 32 platform.
Created class and Taught C++ to consultants at company class.

Order communication system for James River Corp.

Distributed Backup system.
Backup system diagnostic using created forward/backward chaining rule engine.
Email/Usenet gateways between local workstations, Internet, X.400, and proprietary email.
Print routing projects.

Created new language and form processing system for vertical applications.

Payroll tax computation programs.

Compressing Usenet server modifications to INN.
Satellite news feed development and testing.
LIG server development.
First Internet Doorbell.

New document processing system analysis and development.
MS Windows client/server project design and prototyping.
LoCase prototype to production.
NFD design and development.
Ported Historical Quotes from Stratus to Solaris with X.25 interface.
Wrote Reuters satellite downlink software.
Setup Internet connection before firewall was in place.
NGS/Integrated toolkit.
Created X11 task-monitor for components.
Powerbuilder project.

Firewall setup.
Web server setup (first bank on the web).
Image manipulation development.
Statistics processing.

Intranet publishing system.
Consulted on firewall and webserver selection.

DNS management development.

Web service development, administration.
Subject matter patent work.

Dapi database code generation and api for high-speed async database access.
Instant Images.
News server.
You've Got Pictures

Auto insurance web quoting.
Account self-management.

Online auction development.
Email broadcast.
Hypertree specification.

Advising investors on streaming video startup.
Advising intellectual property registration startup.

Instant messaging.
Instant scheduling.
Communication concentrator.

Web scripting engine.
Applications using scripting engine.
Agent work.

Consulting to streaming radio company.
Consulting to travel marketing site.

Scalable architecture for IM/Presence system.

DSL field mux/ARAM architecture/design/parts source.

Binary Structure XML (bsXML).

Porting /dev/poll to Linux 2.4.1/2 kernel, optimization.

Integrating and debugging a custom video streaming plugin to Windows Media Player

Analysis and speech on age/ID/location verification technologies to the Nevada Gaming Commission.

Prototype link organization program.