Stephen D. Williams (Highly condensed, 2 page resume)
Senior Consultant / System Architect, Designer, and Developer, (For full resume/skills) 703-724-0118, 703-995-0407 Fax, 800-SDW-UNIX,  43392 Wayside Circle, Ashburn, VA 20147
Summary: Technical and business professional with experience unusually large in both breadth and depth seeks design, architecture, management, marketing, research, and development contract consulting.  19 years of experience, 70+ professional technical projects, numerous examples of the ability to adapt, learn, invent, synergize, and excel in a self-directed, collaborative, professional way.
Objectives: My main objectives are to use my experience and abilities to create new products and services or to significantly improve existing works. Iím interested in working on projects that have the potential to create a significant impact upon their users while also being very financially viable and rewarding.
CTA:July 2001 to August 2001, , Las Vegas, NV
Interactive Gaming Institute of Nevada (IGINevada)
Researched and presented a presentation to the Nevada Gaming Commission on the subject of reasonable assurance of age, ID, and location using existing and emerging technologies including biometrics and Internet trace methods.
Senior Consultant:March 2001 to July 2001
DiamondBack Vision, Reston, VA
Researched the emerging MPEG4 multimedia standard extensively, especially "MPEG4 Systems", educated coworkers on standard details, reference source code, and architecture needs for transcoder and player/server.
Senior Consultant:Jan. 2001 to March 2001
Skymoon Ventures, Palo Alto, CA
Architecting, designing, and sourcing parts for a new type of DSL provider unit targetted at ILECs.
Senior Consultant:Feb. 2001
RTS, Honolulu, HI
Renovated network of a large tax accounting office with the use of a Linux server with Samba, VMWare, a Win2000 server virtual environment, firewall, Internet routing, secure remote access, VNC based remote troubleshooting, hardware Raid1 setup, offsite disaster recovery.
CTO:Nov. 2000 to March 2001, Denver, CO
As a member of both the Technical Advisory Board and executive management, provided strategic vision, planning, and help with market positioning. Also provided detailed technical training and assistance with scalability, enhanced features, interoperability, and a roadmap for extending Jabber's open IM/Presence system into a platform for general P2P and other transactional, message oriented applications.
Senior Consultant: June 2000 to November 2000
Alexus, Gaithersburg, MD
Brought a prototype custom web scripting engine to production quality with the creation of many features and while fixing many bugs. Assisted web designers with production and debugging of several client applications at engine, scripting, HTML, etc.
Founder: July 1999 to January 2001
Insta, Inc., Washington, DC
Founded, architected, and marketed a system for web call center customer interaction.
Senior Consultant: November 1999
WareOnEarth, McClean, VA
Consulted on encrypted communication product and development process, tools, and architectural choices. Included recommendation of modified Extreme Programming (XP) process coupled with UML/Unified Process.
Senior Consultant: Jan. 1999 to March 2001, DC/LA/NYC/SJ
KnowNow/Ensoport/MH Meyerson/3DStockCharts
Various business and technical consulting relavent to clients. Scalability, video, security, ISP, messaging systems.
CTO: March 1999 to Oct. 1999, Washington, DC
Architected systems, infrastructure, hired, managed technical staff, developed email and other systems. Build hardware and software for application servers and network management.
Subject Matter Consultant: July. 1998 to August 1998
Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP, Menlo Park, CA
Expert witness in patent infringement case. Participated in planning, investigation, and depositions. Performed extensive research on subject matter, prior art, examining patent claims, and wrote extensive reports.
Senior Consultant: 1Yr. Apr. 98 to March 99
Geico Direct, Bethesda, MD
Analyzed, architected, bid, and won a large multi-developer contract to build a flexible, maintainable N-tier web interface to Geico's quote system.  The design of this system is a cutting edge and optimum solution to the problem of rapidly building and maintaining a wide range of  business applications, especially web based N-tier servers.  There are no commercial or literature examples of a similar combination of object oriented, transaction processing, rule based and meta-data driven application environments predating this project.
Senior Consultant: 3+ Yrs. Apr. 95 to Apr. 98
America Online, Vienna/Reston, VA
Designed and implemented Buddy List server (versions 1.x). Implemented custom terminal emulator for Stratus access.  Conceived, designed, prototyped, and developed Instant Images, a video conferencing system. Participated heavily in the design of new products with marketing, UI, and development.  Researched VRML and other topics.
CTO, consulting: July 1997 to December 2000
Netword LLC, Arlington, VA
Managed technical support and development team of 5 people. Provided technical direction and consulting. Performed and directed emergency and ongoing maintenance, architecting.  Performed a complete analysis and redesign of system using open standards (LDAP, SQL, DNS, CORBA, JAVA) and assisted in marketing, positioning, and potential-partner communications.
Senior Consultant: 3 Mos., Feb. 95 to Apr. 95
Chemical Bank (now Chase Manhattan), NYC, NY
World Wide Web server, software, auto-administration system development and consulting. Consulted on selection and usage of external firewall, external web server, and secure data transfers. Built very easy to use web page authoring system.
Senior Consultant: 6 Mos., Aug. 94 to Feb. 95
Bank of America, Concord, CA
Integration, testing, augmentation, and automation of Dec SEAL firewall and WWW servers (External and Internal). Integrated PC, Mac, and Unix Internet access software and wrote installation procedures and scripts. Also developed graphic conversion and production techniques.
Senior Consultant: 2.5 years, Feb. 92 to Aug. 94 Concinnous Consulting, Inc.
Lexis-Nexis, Dayton, OH
Worked on OOA/OOD/OOP of document management, processing, and retrieval on a large network of Suns and IBM Mainframes.
System Integrator/ISP: 3 yrs. (concurrent) Sept. 92 to April 95
Local Internet Gateway Co., Miamisburg, OH
Started LIG Co. as a venture to produce turn-key Local Internet Gateway systems using satellite reception of Netnews/Usenet and on-demand slip/ppp connections to Internet.
Consultant/Value Added Reseller SDW Systems, 1988-
Miamisburg, OH and Ashburn, VA
Continued value added reseller activity to small and large clients of specialized and commodity hardware and software. Made use of extensive purchasing, marketing, and consulting skills.
Senior Consultant, Software Engineer: 2.5 yrs. Jun. 89 to Jan. 92
GE Aircraft Engines, Springdale, OH
Worked on workstation self-management tools for network of greater than 1000 workstations (Apollo and HP). Ported GNU gcc, g++(c++), Emacs, tools, etc. to both platforms. Ported Kerberos (MIT authentication, chosen by OSF) to SysVR3. Wrote an expert system shell library in C++ for a distributed process monitoring diagnostic and automation tool. Supported an extensible object and inference engine design with forward and backward chaining.
Senior Consultant / Software Engineer: 1 yr. Sept. 88 to Jul. 89
NCR Retail, Dayton, OH
Organized, participated in design of Communication Management Platform for remote management of Unix systems from a central Unix platform.
Member Technical Staff: 10 mos. Nov. 87 to Aug. 88
Computer Sciences Corporation, Dayton, OH
A member of the Independent Research and Development team applying Artificial Intelligence to military Logistics. Designing and implementing expert systems with PC to mainframe interaction.
Staff Consultant, Programmer/Analyst: 1.5 yr. May 86 to Nov. 87
NCR Corp. projects, Dayton, OH
Participated in the program design, programming, testing, and implementation of NCR Flex benefits worksheet program.  Utilized Progress (4GL) to perform transformations on sequential and structured data files for the NCR Order System.
Partner, Consultant/Analyst: 1 yrs. Aug. 85 to May 86
Maxxoft, President, Defiance, OH
Creation and sale of custom/vertical software in C for both MS-DOS and Unix (using own NCR Tower 32).
Programmer/Analyst: 1.5 yrs. Feb. 84 to Aug. 85
General Electric Lighting Business Group, Cleveland, OH
Worked mainly on advanced computer controls projects: helped design, specify, and write software to control a rotary indexing machine driven by 5 Intel single board computers and an IBM PC User Interface computer.
Programmer/Analyst: 1.5 yrs. Sept. 82 to Feb. 84
Maumee Valley Computer Center, Defiance, OH
Evaluated, ordered, and stocked software and microcomputer hardware. Taught computer literacy and BASIC programming. Freelance, utility, and recreational programming: screw machine statistical package, payroll system, point of sale system, encryption program.