Stephen D. Williams
Recent titles: CTO, Chief Scientist, President, Architect, Designer, and Developer,
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Full Resume (August 2001)


Consulting Architect/Developer: March 2001 to July 2001
Consultant to Diamond Back Vision, Reston, VA

Researched the emerging MPEG4 multimedia standard extensively, especially "MPEG4 Systems", educated coworkers on standard details, reference source code, and architecture needs for transcoder and player/server. Created prototype DBV proprietary to MPEG4 file format system for both audio and video.

Assisted with architecture, design, and development of commercial MPEG4 File Format encoder, RealPlayer Video plugin. This included multi-threaded stream management, real-time packet handling, creating an Object Descriptor parser, Scene Graph (MPEG4 BIFS) management and interpretation, and assisted in the design and development of a flexible BIFS parser. Resulting player handles multiple video overlays, numerous video and audio streams, and complies with MPEG4 Audio/Video Main Profile.

Consulting Architect: January 2001 to March 2001
Consultant to Skymoon Ventures, Palo Alto, CA

Architecting, designing, and sourcing parts for a new type of DSL provider unit targetted at ILECs. This involves analysis and matching of detailed specifications of V.90, ADSL/SDSL, T1 framing, power management, and embedded microcontroller chipsets. Negotiated with suppliers and potential engineering/production partners. Embedded controller is Embedded Linux based. Software includes multi-link PPP support and remote configuration/monitoring.

Consultant: February 2001
Consultant to RTS, Honolulu, Hawaii

Renovated network of a large tax accounting office with the use of a Linux server with Samba, VMWare, a Win2000 server virtual environment, firewall, Internet routing, secure remote access, VNC based remote troubleshooting, hardware Raid1 setup, offsite disaster recovery to a spare server. Reinstalled all network accounting packages, moved data, tested system. Setup integrated email configuration using existing cablemodem account and a local Postfix/Imap server. Used ReiserFS for reliability and fast recovery, SuSe 7.0 distribution, custom configuration.

This was a 2 weekend project for a relative.

CTO: November 2000 to March 2001, Technical Advisory Board: October 2000 to Present
CTO to, Inc., Denver, Colorado

As a member of both the Technical Advisory Board and executive management, provided strategic vision, planning, and help with market positioning. Also provided detailed technical training and assistance with scalability, enhanced features, interoperability, and a roadmap for extending Jabber's open IM/Presence system into a platform for general P2P and other transactional, message oriented applications. Worked with lead developers to plan changes to protocol, services, architecture, and interoperability. Interfaced with other large companies on interoperability and extension projects.

Managed and interacted with development team and technical staff of 12.

Consultant: June 2000 to November 2000
Consultant to Alexus, Gaithersburg, MD

As part of an HR/Recruiting outsource product line, worked on the Web Self Service subsystem and related application servers. Brought a prototype custom web scripting engine to production quality with the creation of many features and while fixing many bugs. Assisted web designers with production and debugging of several client applications at engine, scripting, HTML, and client-side Javascript levels.

This environment consisted of NT servers running IIS in an ASP multi-threaded C++ environment with an extensive MSSQL distributed database platform. Extensive C++, Javascript, HTML, and custom scripting was employed in a very intense development schedule. In addition to extensive rewrites of the scripting engine, other important system-wide components were created such as SQL multi-threaded connection caching.

Clients directly supported included: Time-Warner, Landmark, Lucent, Corning, Deluxe, I2, and Goldman-Sachs.

Managed and interacted with technical and artistic staff of 6.

Consultant: January 2000 to March 2000
Consultant to GTSI, Chantilly, VA

Consulted on Extranet website targeted at US Government personnel for communication and system ordering. Built a custom IM client using the QT cross-platform GUI development system.

Managed two developers.

Consultant: November, 1999
Consultant to WareOnEarth, McClean, VA

Consulted on encrypted communication product and development process, tools, and architectural choices. Included recommendation of modified Extreme Programming (XP) process coupled with UML/Unified Process.

Consultant: January 1999 to March 2001, various
Consultant to KnowNow, Menlo Park, CA,, Washington, DC, MH Meyerson & Co., Jersey City, New Jersey,, Santa Barbara, CA

Advised on strategy, products, and implementation including scalability. Analyzed potential business partners.

President/Chief Scientist: July 1999 to January 2001 (merged into VCMI, now a wholly owned subsidiary)
President, Chief Scientist/CTO for, Washington, DC

Founder of, Inc., a cutting edge mass market provider of advanced Internet technologies that provide must-have features to competitive web sites and businesses. These include real-time customer interaction for sales, support, and technical interaction, advanced email processing, an interactive HyperTree Navigator for the web, calendaring and scheduling, and many other advanced features.

Created business plan while both heading and managing development of state of the art communications features for current and future customers. Currently searching for and interviewing additional development staff, chief technical officer, and sales and marketing executives.

Have been an active participant in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Instant Messaging and Presence Protocol (IMPP) standards committee. will implement all standard protocols and will provide interoperability to all other participating entities.

Development, Internet, and Linux consulting for several companies.

Managed three developers, a consulting team of two, and a graphic arts team.

Chief Technical Officer: Mar. 99 to Oct. 99, 2001(8 mos., limited ongoing consultation)
Chief Technical Officer to, Washington, DC

Participated in business strategy, planning, investor road-shows, budget management, and vendor negotiations. This included originating numerous ideas that were incorporated into the marketing and publicity plans, business process functionality, and business description to great success.

Interviewed and hired technical staff. Provided technical training as needed for a wide variety of system administration and system and software usage and development tasks. Solved numerous emergency technical problems.

Performed hardware evaluations, selected vendors, purchased hardware systems and components, directed and participated in integration and installation of all equipment.

Managed and directed software development teams, both internal and external consultants. Provided architectural direction, selection of development tools, and review of features and progress. Integrated tools to accomplish performance testing and projected hardware/software/network needs for an 18 month window based on business plan forecasts.

Managed a development and technical team of 6 in addition to a consulting development staff.

Senior Consultant: July 1998 - August 1998
Consultant to Weil, Gotshal &Manges LLP, Menlo Park, CA on behalf of (Withheld from public)

Expert witness in patent infringement case. Participated in planning, investigation, and depositions. Performed extensive research on subject matter, prior art, examining patent claims, and wrote extensive reports on findings.

Senior Consultant: Apr. 98 to Mar. 99 (1 year)
Consultant to Geico Direct, Bethesda, MD on behalf of Internet Information Services, Inc. of Bethesda, MD
Analyzed, architected, bid, and won a large multi-developer contract to build a flexible, maintainable N-tier web interface to Geico's mainframe and OS/2 based quoting system.  The environment involves building a large and very complicated system in a short amount of time with analysis that is incomplete or unavailable until just before the delivery date.  Due to the nature of the regulated insurance industry, changes are required to the system very frequently and often must occur on specific dates automatically.

Due to the environment and complexity of the business rules the architecture utilizes a rule based processing engine embedded in a web targeted transaction monitor system (Netscape Application Server, NAS).  The system allows specification of applications almost completely via meta-data and business rules.  The system also involves Netscape Enterprise Server, Neuron Data's Elements Advisor (a Java based rule engine suite), and Oracle 8 running on Solaris servers. This system has become very successful.

In early phases of the project, I acted as customer liaison, project manager (including personnel, budget, schedule, and proposal), developer and project-manager interviewer, technical lead, architect lead, system administrator, and designer.  After staffing was completed, I concentrated on the lead architect role to complete the design details and development with the other developers.  I participated in developer and customer education sessions on the rule and meta-data concepts and technologies involved, helped solve development problems, and contributed to schedule evolution.

The design of this system is a cutting edge and optimum solution to the problem of rapidly building and maintaining a wide range of business applications, especially web based N-tier servers.  There are no commercial or literature examples of a similar combination of object oriented, transaction processing, rule based and meta-data driven application environments predating this project.

Lead and managed technical staff of 7 in the early phase of the project until a dedicated project manager could be brought.

Senior Consultant: Apr. 95 to May. 98 (3 years)
Consultant to America Online, Vienna/Reston, VA
Designed and implemented Buddy List server (versions 1.x), used by over 8 Million users supporting over 300,000 simultaneous users, database read rates of at least 150 TPS and as high as 1700 TPS sustained. This is with one process on one CPU of a workstation level server. This server also handles all display/GUI maintenance and user interaction. Wrote a generalized asynchronous database interface library with code generator that allows extreme ease of development of high speed transaction servers with Sybase access. This included full automation of multiple connections to multiple servers with internal queuing of RPC requests, supporting hundreds of thousands of simultaneous transactions. Also implemented a custom terminal emulator for Stratus access and numerous development utilities.
Conceived, designed, prototyped, and developed Instant Images.  Large amounts of research into Video Compression, real-time streaming protocols, and related topics were done in support of the project. Managed the project into the production development stage for both client and server components and implemented the production server. 

Participated heavily in the design of new products with marketing, UI, and development. 

Championed VRML usage at the host, client, UI, and marketing levels. 

Also researched other topics related to Online Services and Internet/Intranet related topics: Ontology, advanced user interface interaction, security, and hyper-scalable systems and provided evaluation and reports to upper management. 

Informally managed project teams for BuddyList and Instant Images, tracking and providing direction to as many as 6 people. Frequently reported direclty to the senior VP of Host development.

Chief Technical Officer (CTO), consulting: July 1997 to March 1999, limited followon
Netword LLC, Arlington, VA
Managed technical support and development team of 5 people. Provided technical direction and consulting. Performed and directed emergency and ongoing maintenance, troubleshooting, and architecting for a scalable Unix/NT distributed processing system. Reprogrammed Cisco routers, configured Internet email server, distributed backup server, and debugged production code during emergency outages. 

Performed a complete analysis and redesign of system using open standards (LDAP, SQL, DNS, CORBA, JAVA) and assisted in marketing, positioning, and potential-partner communications.

Working on IETF standards track proposals central to business goals and major Internet naming related initiatives.

Hired as a expert for patent litigation.

Managed technical and development staff of 4.

Research Analyst/Engineer/Senior Consultant: January 1992 to present
Concinnous Consulting, Inc.
In addition to consulting for large clients, CCI performs applied research in support of contracting and exploration of new business ventures.

Current research topics: 
Java/Corba/XML distributed processing systems, especially high volume transaction servers.
Video CODEC design.
Java CPU embedded development system.
Technology update for real-time financial clearing systems.
Experimental transactional, balanced, database-filesystem development for Linux/Unix.

Hired, placed, and managed as many as 7 consultants.

Senior Consultant: 3 Mos., Feb. 95 to Apr. 95
Consultant to Chemical Bank (now Chase Manhattan), Manhattan, NYC, NY

World Wide Web server, software, auto-administration system development and consulting. Consulted on selection and usage of external firewall, external web server, and secure data transfers. Built very easy to use web page authoring system including both text and image autoconversion from many formats into composite web pages, with versioning and approval mechanisms. 

Senior Consultant: 6 Mos., Aug. 94 to Feb. 95
Consultant to Bank of America, Concord, CA

Integration, testing, augmentation, and automation of Dec SEAL firewall and WWW servers (External and Internal). Integrated PC, Mac, and Unix Internet access software and wrote installation procedures and scripts. Also developed graphic conversion and production techniques including sequenced morphing videos. 

Managed one other technical worker at some points in the project.

Senior Consultant: 2.5 years, Feb. 92 to Aug. 94
Concinnous Consulting, Inc. at Lexis-Nexis, Dayton, OH
Worked on OOA/OOD/OOP of document management, processing, and retrieval on a large network of Suns and IBM Mainframes. Using C++, ObjectCenter (Saber C++), OODBMS (Objectivity, Objectstore), OO libraries, X-Windows (Interviews, UI), SGML, DCE, Frame, OI. Major projects involved Interviews, OI, Sybase SQL, In Concert (XDOM), client server programming, MS Windows 3.1 API, Visual Basic, and Powerbuilder.
Specific Projects:
MS Windows client server project design, prototyping.
LoCase transform prototype to production,
NFD: participated in Ver C OOP design and Deser Locking,
Ported Historical Quotes from Stratus to Solaris/Sparc especially Hyperchannel and X.25 connectivity,
Wrote software for Reuters Satellite downlink to Unix for General Magic project,
Setup Internet connection for Technical Education before the Casenet firewall was in place,
NGS/Integrated Toolkit,
Created X11 Based 'task monitor' for components,
Participated in Internet product discussions,
Numerous instances of technical assistance to coworkers.

Informally managed development partner on two sub-projects.

System Integrator/ISP: 3 yrs. (concurrent) Sept. 92 to April 95; 1994 to 1998
Local Internet Gateway Co., Miamisburg, OH; co-founder Premier Internet, Cincinnati, OH

Started LIG Co. as a venture to produce turn-key Local Internet Gateway systems using satellite reception of Netnews/Usenet and on-demand slip/ppp connections to Internet. Wrote and integrated software to implement a BBS user system for public access. Provided all marketing and press releases worldwide. Created the worlds first compressing and archiving news server.

Later used this knowledge to help found an ISP in Cincinnati, Ohio with a previous co-worker.

Consultant/Value Added Reseller
SDW Systems, Miamisburg, OH and Ashburn, VA  9 yrs. (concurrent) 88 to Present
Continued value added reseller activity to small and large clients of specialized and commodity hardware and software. Made use of extensive purchasing, marketing, and consulting skills. 

Senior Consultant, Software Engineer: 2.5 yrs. Jun. 89 to Jan. 92
Butler Service Group at GE Aircraft Engines, Springdale, OH
Worked on workstation self-management tools for network of greater than 1000 workstations (Apollo and HP). Ported GNU gcc, g++(c++), Emacs, tools, etc. to both platforms. Ported Kerberos (MIT authentication, chosen by OSF) to SysVR3. 

Worked on backup system utilizing MO (Magneto-Optical Laser disks) jukeboxes. Reconfigured / recompiled X11R4 with GNU gcc on Apollo. 

Wrote an expert system shell library in C++ for a distributed process monitoring diagnostic and automation tool. Supported an extensible object and inference engine design with forward and backward chaining. 

Configured, developed, tested, and documented an Email and NetNews gateway between local workstations, Internet, and an X.400 Gateway. This involved extensive modifications to standard daemon configurations with custom support programs. 

Gained experience in: Apollo / HP and DEC workstations, MO drives, X-Windows (Xlib, X intrinsics, Motif, various clients), large workstation networks, NFS, network authentication / security, Bind/DNS, TeX, sendmail/SMTP, X.400, X.500, Hesiod, network monitoring, and PC to Unix integration. 

Senior Consultant / Software Engineer: 1 yr. Sept. 88 to Jul. 89
Cap Gemini America at NCR Retail, Dayton, OH

Organized, participated in design of Communication Management Platform for remote management of Unix systems from a central Unix platform. This involved the design of concurrent, real-time processes communicating by means of a message routing architecture. Created developer issue tracking system. Wrote an Object Oriented front-end for Oracle to replace Pro*C; written in and for use with C++. Ported the GNU C and C++ compilers to NCR Towers. Experience was gained in TCP/IP, FTP, X.25, C++, OOP, OOAD, CASE tools, SCCS, Client Server Architecture, Oracle, and NCR proprietary: SFX, SWDS, NCRNET. Taught C++ to consultants at company class. 

Informally managed 3 other developers as part of project.

Member Technical Staff: 10 mos. Nov. 87 to Aug. 88
Computer Sciences Corporation, Dayton, OH

A member of the Independent Research and Development team applying Artificial Intelligence to military Logistics. Designing and implementing expert systems with PC to mainframe interaction. Designed and implemented real-time communication network over Defense Data Network (DDN) using AT compatibles, C++, and a multi-tasking kernel communicating with an IBM 3090. In the course of the above, designed and developed an application building language based on Postscript to allow rapid implementation of data dictionaries and interface portions of a program. Gained experience in C++, light-weight threaded multitasking, M1 expert system shell, Postscript, Language Construction and Debugging, Air Force documentation standards, Cobol/Ideal, and TCP/IP/FTP/SMTP internet protocols. 

Managed 3 other developers as part of emergency communications project. Interfaced with both company and Air Force management.

Staff Consultant, Programmer/Analyst: 1.5 yr. May 86 to Nov. 87
Cap Gemini America at 3 NCR Corp. projects, Dayton, OH
Participated in the program design, programming, testing, and implementation of NCR Flex benefits worksheet program. The system is highly interactive, window based MS-DOS program designed to communicate NCR's Flex Benefit program to all 30,000 employees. It uses highly interactive input with automatic calculations for options and totals. Printed reports are created to be sent to the company for enrollments. It operates in an online environment under MS-DOS. Specific responsibilities included: performing analysis and systems design, designing, coding, testing, implementing, and providing first draft documentation of key modules of the system. The system was written in C and 8086 Assembly for NCR PC 810 under MS-DOS.

Utilized Progress (4GL) to perform transformations on sequential and structured data files for the NCR Order System. 

Responsible for software development for a large department store system utilizing Pascal in a PC and Unix environment.

Partner, Consultant/Analyst: 1 yrs. Aug. 85 to May 86
Maxxoft, President, Defiance, OH

Creation and sale of custom/vertical software in C for both MS-DOS and Unix (using own NCR Tower 32). Created complete database library and application generators for screens, menus and data entry of own design. This was a very flexible relational database with B+ indexing, multiuser, transaction logging, and conversion of data capability. 

Managed two other developers.

Programmer/Analyst: 1.5 yrs. Feb. 84 to Aug. 85
General Electric, Cleveland, OH

Worked mainly on advanced computer controls projects: helped design, specify, and write software to control a rotary indexing machine driven by 5 Intel single board computers and an IBM PC User Interface computer. Software written mostly in Pascal with assembly routines for interrupt and hardware handlers. Some C was used for utilities. Gained experience on the following: Dec 750, 785, Microvax II in VMS; Perkin Elmer under V7, System V Unix; Intel Board level computers (interfacing to pneumatic actuators, steppers, etc.), configuring, stand alone programming; expert systems; machine vision systems; and real-time, multiprocessing on Unix and Digital Research's Concurrent DOS. 

Informally managed four other developers and engineers on controls project. After inception, acted as the project coordinator for all development, enhancements, debugging, and support of machine operator.

Programmer/Analyst: 1.5 yrs. Sept. 82 to Feb. 84
Maumee Valley Computer Center, Defiance, OH
Evaluated, ordered, and stocked software and microcomputer hardware. Taught computer literacy and BASIC programming. Sold, equipped, and initialized computer systems. Freelance, utility, and recreational programming: screw machine statistical package, payroll system, point of sale system, symbolic disassembler, encryption program.